2015 – Confronted Kingdoms Theme

our second jam, with 16 teams creating games for retro hardware!

Best Confronted Kingdoms Game

  1. Anima – Les Quizarables (ZX Spectrum)
  2. Last Crown – Light Games (Game Boy)

Best platform use

  1. Black Star – usebox (ZX Spectrum)
  2. ZRealms: 80bc – Cheesetea (Amstrad CPC)

Funniest Game

  1. Tro-Now – Pixel Bastards South! (Megadrive / Genesis)
  2. The Legend of Bocatapuesto – Xtremely Xplicit (ZX Spectrum)

Other Great Entries!

Mice VS Scientists – Fluffy Cushions (ZX Spectrum 48K), Zombie Garden – Craftmediagames (C=64), Gertrudis, THE SOLDIER – Fierce Five (ZX Spectrum 48K).



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